If you already have ANY type of equipment and/or supplies contract with Eastern Engineering, please order through your ESAS system or by emailing supplies@easternengineering.com.


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New Online Customers

To place an order, please create a new user account for our shop. 

**Please note that if you wish to use an Eastern charge account to pay for your orders, you must have a charge account that is active and approved. If you place an order with a charge account and do not have one, the order will be cancelled. 

To apply for an Eastern Engineering Charge Account, please contact us at 800-884-4115.

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Rental / Lease (Eastern L / CPC) Customers

Please order as per usual through ESAS (big blue “e” on your printer or printer’s computer) or email supplies@easternengineering.com.

Returning Online Customers

To replace an order, login to your account and navigate to your profile. From there you can select previous orders and replace your order at the click of a button.

If you have discounted pricing on your supplies, please disregard the pricing listed on the site. Your correct pricing will reflect on the invoice that is used for your Eastern Engineering charge account. To get your discounted pricing you MUST select your Eastern Engineering Pay Type. Do NOT use your credit card.

If you have an Eastern Engineering Charge Account, please select that method of payment at checkout. If you are unsure of your account status, please contact us at supplies@easternengineering.com.

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